West Bengal Police Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation


Sl No Tender Title Tender No. Downloads
1 Construction of Model Rural Police Station along with Barrack and Canteen at Beliabara in Jhargram District WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 102(e)/2018-2019 (3rd Call) pdfdownload612KB pdfdownload776KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
2 Construction of Model Urban Police Station Building with Force Barrack and Canteen at A.J.C. Bose B. Garden P.S. under Howrah Police Commissionerate WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 102(e)/2018-2019 (3rd Call) pdfdownload591KB pdfdownload776KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
3 Infrastructural upgradation of Mondarmoni Coastal Police Station in the district of Purba Medinipur – Construction of O.C. Quarter, Barrack, Kitchen and Dining Room, Change Room, Boundary Wall, Gate, Sentry Post, Land Development, Internal Roads, etc WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 102(e)/2018-2019 (3rd Call) pdfdownload592KB pdfdownload776KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
4 Construction of Bidhannagar Women Police Station Building within Electronic Complex Police Station at Block – Dn -58, Sector –V, Salt Lake, Kolkata WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 102(e)/2018-2019 (2nd Call) pdfdownload551KB pdfdownload776KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
5 Supply and Installation of 33 nos. (thirty three) Desktop Computer, 08 nos. (eight) Laptop, 07 nos. (seven) Printer and 33 nos. (thirty three) UPS for office use at WBPH & IDCL., Araksha Bhawan, 3rd Floor, Block DJ, Sector II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata WBPHIDCL/ CP&AO /NIQ- 29(e)2018-2019 (1st call) pdfdownload239KB pdfdownload84KB  
6 Construction of Police Barrack (G 4) including kitchen and dining block at Barrackpore Police Commissionerate. WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 99(e)/2018-2019 (3rd Call) pdfdownload592KB pdfdownload771KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
7 Construction of 4 units U.S. Qts. and 16 units L.S. Qtrs. and 20 heads Barrack for Police Personnel at Maynaguri P.S. under Jalpaiguri District. WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 100(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload732KB pdfdownload775KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
8 Construction of 4 units U.S. Qts. and 16 units L.S. Qtrs. and Change Room for Women Police Personnel at Malbazar P.S. under Jalpaiguri District WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 100(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload643KB pdfdownload775KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
9 Renovation (Civil & Electrical) work of new Rooms at 4th Floor, Bhabani Bhawan Main Building (for CID, West Bengal) WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 101(e)/2018-2019 (2nd Call) pdfdownload422KB pdfdownload740KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB  
10 Construction of 18 Police Stations in LWE affected areas of West Bengal – Balance Work for Purulia District (Bundwan P.S., Boro P.S., Kotshila P.S., Jhalda P.S. & Arsha P.S.). WBPHIDCL/ACE/NIT- 98(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload474KB pdfdownload734KB pdfdownload96KB pdfdownload165KB