West Bengal Police Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation

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1 Construction of Bituminous Drive Way, Pavement, Landscaping And Shed for water purifier and tank at CIAT School, Salua, Paschim Medinipur WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 155(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call)  
2 Regional/District Office and Accommodation for West Bengal Police Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited at Siliguri under Siliguri Police Commissionerate WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 156(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload523KB pdfdownload731KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
3 Construction of Boundary Wall For setting up new SDPO, Uluberia Office/accommodation of office and Force of EF lines in Howrah Rural District along with Century Post and Gate WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 150(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload343KB pdfdownload717KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
4 Construction of Male Barrack (30 heads) for Constable at Contai in Purba Medinipur under MPF Scheme 2011-2012 – Balance Work WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 150(e)/2018-2019 (2nd Call) pdfdownload499KB pdfdownload717KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
5 Construction of Conference Hall and Rest Room facility at Jaigaon P.S. Building, Alipurduar WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 150(e)/2018-2019 (2nd Call) pdfdownload395KB pdfdownload717KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
6 Repair, Renovation and Upgradation of Two Storied (G 1) P.S. Building at Naxalbari in Darjeeling WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 151(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload485KB pdfdownload718KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
7 Renovation of G 1 storied P.S. Building along with renovation of Labpur P.S. Barrack Building at Labpur Under Birbhum District WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 151(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload470KB pdfdownload718KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
8 Repair, Renovation and Upgradation of single storied Domjur Police Station and 07 nos. single storied Barrack at Domjur Police Station under Howrah (Rural) District WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 151(e)/2018-2019 pdfdownload402KB pdfdownload718KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
9 Repair, Renovation and Upgradation of Single storied Police Station building along with OC’s quarter and barrack at Shyampur Police Station, Howrah Rural Police District WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 151(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload462KB pdfdownload718KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB  
10 Repair, renovation and upgradation of G 1 storied police Station along with single storied Barrack Building at Nanoor P.S in Birbhum WBPHIDCL/Addl.CE/NIT- 151(e)/2018-2019 (1st Call) pdfdownload392KB pdfdownload718KB pdfdownload189KB pdfdownload165KB